About Us

When there are no more words let the art do the talking...

Multi-Disciplinary Artist  -  Photographer  -  Art Therapist

Photography by Territory Creatives over looking the sandy beach shores to the open ocean.

Our Story

Hey there us again!

Every Creative has a story, and I want you to hear contemporary artist rel's.

This space is a great opportunity to give you a sneaky peak into the background on what rel is about.

So who is rel artizan... Well that's easy I'm Robyn just your ordinary Perth gal who loves to create and not only create as an individual, I love teaming up and working with other creative souls whose vision and values align with mine. So that's why I teamed up Territory Creatives to name one of my family fav's. Check out the list below to see a few of the other Perth Creatives rel collaborates with.

So what happens on the day to day grind at rel artizan studio.... Most days you can find me pottering away in the studio solo... with bright young things or .... wise talented old souls creating art, engaging in art therapy, running workshops or getting our collaborative hat on and taking to the streets and community spaces round this city we call home . . . that's Perth Western Australian folks!

Meet Some of My Collaborators

Our Clients

Check out some of the talented souls we have had the pleasure of working with . . .

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