Welcome to the Gallery

Let's let the art do the talking shall we. . .

Below is a series of photographs from the collections of  r e l . . .

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did creating it!


The Story Behind the Image

The works you see here are an impression of the experiences both internally and externally of the fluctuous world around us. Delving into the anatomies of homo sapiens sapiens and invertebrate life through drawing, sculpture, textiles, painting, print and much more...

>   what it is to be human today

​>   the microscopic world

​>   flora and fauna

​>   intuitive expression

​>   life drawing

​>  collaboration 

It is in all the beauties, both the uncanny and divine within this life, that makes me curious in the untold stories that remain within the flesh and bones of the studies I carry out of still lives.  With great respect to the individuals I draw upon, their memoirs live on within my drawings and works of art.

Come along then, have a look for your selves...

Meet r e l

I create because I couldn't think of a world where I would not!

Each day is a new box of curiosities
What we didn't notice yesterday is waiting to be found today, discovering it even in the smallest of footsteps like those of the Wanderer butterfly upon its landing...