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What we are is not what we see, but the nature we leave behind  -  rel 


Hey there, I’m Robyn from rel artizan,

I’m a contemporary artist and art therapist working at Heathcote Gallery and Museum and also VisAbility (formerly known as The Association for The Blind of Western Australia). I work both as an artist and as an art therapist most days out of my beautiful and serene studio at the Heathcote Cultural Precinct. My praxis is researched across the disciplines of art, science, and psychology. Iv'e had the amazing opportunities to complete Post Graduate and Bachelor Degrees in Fine Art from Edith Cowan University and studied Transpersonal Art Therapy at The Ikon Institute of Australia. WOWZA those years of 'blood, sweat and tears' for study were amazing and something I am planning on continuing. Yes that's right people I am a bit of a book worm I just can't help it I love to learn!

Together with my art therapy clients we set individualised goals together and use art making to improve and enhance their physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. My method’s are Jungian based and allows people to tap into their subconscious by way of creative mediums. This allows them to communicate precious parts of their heart and teaches them techniques to step past setbacks or roadblocks. Thus, allowing my clients to live the lives that they aspire to. My journey is not only about myself becoming self-realised, but also helping and aiding others to become fully self-realised individuals.

I have a major passion for painting, drawing, sculpture, mixed media and pretty much anything arty farty. So I love to run individual and group art and art therapy sessions currently around the Perth region in Western Australia. 

So without further a do, when there are no more words, let the art do the talking.


To your success!

Blessings from







"Great place for any and all art work."  -  Jeremy

"Robyn is a talented artist and insightful art therapist. She is adaptable and able to utilise various mediums to facilitate a free sense of self expression in her clients. She is an exceptional listener who engages you together with your thoughts to help you understand them in various ways. She is especially good at creating a sensorially immersive environment that allows the conscious mind to tap into the unconscious. I have seen Robyn connect well with people of all ages and would recommend anyone who is interested to participate in a session with her."  -  Luka

"You've changed my life."  -  Rosemary

"Robyn is a gentle person who made every effort to ensure I was comfortable throughout the session. She helped me to bring my own perspective back into my daily thoughts and guided me through the session, fully supported at each step. Robyn's approach is holistic and comforting, and she knew when to lighten the air and when to let me sit in silence and work through my thoughts. I walked out of the session relaxed and with purpose. Thank you, Robyn. 

Best wishes!"  -  Jas



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